Ready to Sell Your Unused Land?

Have you considered selling your unused land? Whether retirement plans changed, you’re done paying property taxes, or you inherited the land and aren’t interested in developing it yourself, we can help!
You will hear from us within 24 hours to start the process of selling your land.

Common Reasons to Sell Your Land

Time and Effort

You’re not interested in improving, developing, or building on the land yourself.

Plans Changed

You planned to retire or build here, but life had other plans, and your land still has value.

Avoid Additional Costs

You’re done paying property taxes, HOA fees, maintenance costs, liens, etc.

Other Needs

Unexpected expenses, helping a loved one, or your land value can be put to better use.

Our Mission Is To Serve You

One unforgettable land-selling experience at a time: No fees. No stress. No land improvements. We’ll take care of everything.

Tips for a Successful Land Sale: Avoid of These Mistakes

The Wrong Real Estate Agent

The wrong agent can lead to a painful, prolonged, and unsuccessful property sale through. Agents are motivated by commissions. These commissions for land transactions are often too small to command an agents’ best attention, potentially resulting in a mismatch of priorities and goals, and ultimately costing you time and money.

Waiting to Time the Market

Trying to time the real estate market, or “just waiting until my property is worth $X”, carries significant risks such as unexpected and sudden market reversals, missing qualified buyers who are willing and able to buy at a fair price, and losing the opportunity cost of what the value of the sale could have given you. All of this can lead to extended market time or financial loss.

Selling the Land Yourself

Selling real estate without a professional can pose several challenges such as a lack of expertise in soil, permitting, development, zoning, etc. It can also leave you at risk legally if issues arise that require professional advice, or there are unexpected issues with liens, judgements, or the chain of title. Selling yourself may leave you frustrated with the time-consuming nature of selling property yourself, and the endless calls from “tire kickers” looking to take advantage of a weary property owner.

About Us

Chassé Family Properties exists to make a positive, lasting impact on our families and communities by creating value through real estate projects. We are a small, established, family real estate team dedicated to making the process of selling your land quick and simple! By working directly with us, you’ll skip the hassle of a traditional listing and get right into escrow with a reputable, helpful title company.

Our Process

Selling your land can open doors to numerous possibilities, ensuring both financial prosperity and personal satisfaction:
You will receive a cash offer for your unwanted land plus you’ll get a helpful eBook,  a land expert interview, and we close safely and securely.

Reach Out

Contact us by phone or complete the form on our website to initiate the sale process


We will reach out to you with a fair cash offer for your property.


We work quickly to ensure the property meets all necessary criteria.


We will send a simple agreement for the purchase of your property.

How Do You Sell Land Successfully?

You can sell your land fast for fair cash, easily. And you can do it without paying fees, dealing with agents, or facing stress. All you need is someone reliable to help you. Many landowners struggle because they don’t know the best way to sell. Often, they learn by making mistakes.

There are many companies that buy vacant land. It’s important to find a partner who will act in your best interest. A friend or family member who sells property might seem like an easy choice. But think about if they are really the best one for you and your situation. The key is to work with someone who can remain objective and unbiased.

Serving Land Sellers Since 2020

We’re Steve and Tonsha. Inspired by our love for the Lord, family, and helping others, we’re committed to assisting land sellers out of unused property. We started buying and selling land in March 2020. We believe in helping others and want to make it easy for families and individuals to sell land they don’t want anymore. 

So far, we’ve helped over 100 land sellers. We decided to grow our team to help even more people and now, we’re a team of nine. We are here to make selling your land simple and stress-free. What is the fastest way to sell the land? Request your no-obligation offer today

You will receive a cash offer for your unwanted land plus you’ll get a helpful eBook,  a land expert interview, and we close safely and securely.

How To Sell Land Fast? Avoid These Pitfalls

Can I sell my land privately? Selling land on your own can be costly and time-consuming. It requires handling everything – from setting up signs and taking promo pictures to running ads. Plus, closing  must be done correctly and legally. But what if there’s no interest? Are you prepared to spend a year or longer trying to sell it?
Is a realtor the way to go? Realtors often like selling houses more than land. They make more money from family homes because of the higher commission. This means your land could stay unsold for years. Even when it sells, you might need to pay up to a 10% commission.
Is selling land profitable? Only if you do it right! Watch out for companies that might use your situation to help themselves more than you when you sell your land for cash. They might charge you extra fees or pay you less than what was promised. Always check their reviews to see what others are saying.

Read Our Case Studies About Helping Landowners In Need

Case Study 1

Simplifying The Selling Process During Difficult Times

During a tough time, a terminally ill client needed to sell his 30 properties. We quickly and compassionately facilitated the purchase. Unfortunately, he passed away soon after. By completing the sale in time, we helped avoid a lengthy probate process for his heirs, easing their burden during a difficult period

Case Study 2

Overcoming property disputes to facilitate a smooth sale

A client reached out to us with a complex situation: an 8-acre parcel that included a cemetery and an ongoing dispute with a neighboring property owner. These issues made selling the property a challenge for him. We resolved these issues, created an easement to the cemetery, and successfully sold the land.

Experience The Advantages Of Partnering With Us

Our Process

Experience The Advantages Of Partnering With Us

1. Request

Call us or fill out the form on our website so we can begin our review process.

2. Review

We look at county data, recent sales data, and research comparable properties.

3. Offer

We will contact you to present and discuss with you our offer amount.

4. Agreement

Once we agree, we’ll prepare a purchase agreement and send it your way.

5. Due Diligence

We will fix any land issues that arise to ensure a clean and clear title, and set up escrow.

6. Cash

Funds will be sent to you directly from the Title Company escrow, all safely done.

Your Unforgettable Land Sale Start With Our FREE Extras!

Informative eBook

Unlock Your Land’s Potential (What's Best For Your Unused Land?)

This eBook is a guide for landowners seeking to optimize their unused land. It explores creative land uses, alternatives for those not wanting to utilize it personally, and various selling strategies including FSBO, realtor or land investor. A concise roadmap to transform idle land into a rewarding asset.

Expert Land Q&A

“Converting Acres to Assets: An Expert Q&A on Land Selling Strategies”

Our Expert Land Q&A is a go-to resource for landowners, answering crucial questions on land utilization, alternative options, and selling strategies. A brief, insightful guide to turn your unused land into a valuable asset.

A Consultation

A Consultation Call

Feeling unsure about selling your property? Do you need to explore your property details further or address specific concerns? Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you every step of the way for a successful land sale. Set up a call with us today, and let’s work together to tap into the monetary potential of your land. Our dedicated team is committed to making your land sale as straightforward and worry-free as possible.

A Free Mobile Notary

Closing With A Professional Title Company, Attorney, or Mobile Notary!

During the closing process, we have you covered. We will arrange for an e-notary or mobile notary, enabling you to complete the transaction from the comfort of your own home. We only work exclusively with dependable Attorneys and Title Companies to handle the escrow, guaranteeing a smooth and secure closing. You can leave all the legal paperwork and closing fees to us – it won’t cost you a thing to close!

Read What Our Satisfied Clients Have To Say

"My Husband And I Have Bought Multiple Properties From All Land Kind And They Are Absolutely Amazing! They Are Extremely Helpful And Have Gone Above And Beyond To Answer All Of Our Questions."

Hailey Swanson

"Steve And Tonsha Were Great To Work With. They Were Upfront, Honest, And Answered Any Questions Or Concerns I Had-- And The Transaction Process Was Super Easy! I Love My Land, And I’m Looking Forward To It."

J. Ramquist

Frequently Asked Questions

A title company will typically request a variety of documents depending on your unique circumstances. Such documents may include but are not limited to the original deed to the property, a will or death certificate of any relevant title holders, a property survey, property tax records, mortgage loan documentation, and any other legal documents required for property title transfer.
The title company or attorney overseeing the escrow will run an in-depth title search to ensure you can sell the property free and clear of any encumbrances (liens, judgements, clouds in the chain of title, etc). They will prepare the necessary documentation for closing, hold and remit funds to you, and record the new ownership documentation with the county when complete.
Our typical closing timelines are often around 30 days, facilitated by helpful a title company or attorney who oversee the escrow and closing process.
Once the notarized closing documents are received by the title company or attorney facilitating the escrow, they will remit a wire transfer or check directly to you!
No! We know you may receive offers from other investors, and we can’t speak to their intentions, but we are ready and willing to close as soon as possible on our transactions!

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