We acquire properties from owners who decide to sell their property at a discount for ease of transaction.  We then pass those savings on to you!

Due to being a small husband and wife Team and buying throughout the U.S, unfortunately we can not meet every buyer at our properties, so we encourage all buyers to view the property at their convenience and walk the land as much as needed to ensure the property fits their needs.

CFP either owns the property or has a contractual agreement with the current owner to market and assign our contract to a prospective buyer.

Once a buyer has decided to move forward we will send out a Land or Contract for Deed Agreement for them to sign.  A payment link will be sent over for you to make your down payment and set up auto pay.  The property will stay in our Company’s name until it is paid off.  Once the property is paid off in full, we then transfer the property over to your name.

You will sign a purchase agreement based on the terms we agree to.  This will protect you as the buyer.  Once your signature has been confirmed we will send you a payment link to make payment using any source of credit or debit card of your choosing.  Once payment has been confirmed, we will draft and notarize two deeds in-house.  One deed will be mailed to you and the second deed will be sent off to the county for recording. This takes 2-3 business days.  If title insurance is required by the buyer, we will close using a title company or attorney.  This process can take 7-10 Business Days.

We ensure every property we buy is free and clear.  If a buyer desires title insurance, we can work with their attorney or title company to convey our property over to them with title insurance.

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